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SCR-CRI Central risk hub management and reporting


Italian brokerage and banking clients



Adapting the solutions to the new 2023 technical standards, and at the same time replacing dated solutions with a next-generation integrated system, integrating both the reporting process and the risk office hub part, reducing manual operations.

PCP.SCR - a complete and integrated management system for some sections of the risk office reporting process. Through a smart, high-performance and intuitive user interface, it provides the user with complete control of the entire operating process managed.

PCP.CRI - automated and integrated management of the Banca d'Italia Internet Risk Office node - Risk office (CR) and subjects data (AS) via A2A in centralized manner all company certified email accounts (PEC) with a GDPR-compliant system on cloud architecture

  • PBP – Phoenix Business Platform
  • PEC.Center solution
  • GDPR Module

The solution is designed to optimize the typical user functions: viewing, responding, searching, sorting, archiving certified emails (PEC). With a single user account it is possible to access all certified email accounts (PEC) for which it is enabled and, with an additional module, sort the messages via a structured workflow process and send mass mailings.



  • Meeting the target times and costs requested by the Client
  • Automation and reduction of process costs and timeframes
  • Reduced operating risks
  • Full client satisfaction and feedback on simplified, fully GDPR-compliant management of the processes

Goal of the project

Process and Software Consolidation
Process Automation
Cost reduction
Increasing control, monitoring, alerting
Risk reduction

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